Japanese pottery “Mino-yaki” from Toki city

About us

Toki City is the largest producer of pottery and porcelain products in Japan. The Toki City Wholesale Pottery Association ships “Mino-yaki” items to customers in Japan and other countries. Our pleasure is to help people enjoy their meals at home as well as at eating and drinking establishments.

Japan’s largest producer

Toki City, Gifu Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of pottery and porcelain tableware.

Functional properties

Thin, heatproof, antibacterial, easy to clean. Various functional properties of our items make your dining space more comfortable.

Japanese Culture

“Minoyaki” expresses Japanese culture and Japanese spirit. Now is the time to introduce an aspect of “Cool Japan” into your life.

The Toki City Wholesale Pottery Association is licensed by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency to receive purchase orders from national and local governments and other public agencies. Associations with this license are recognized as excellent organizations with advanced skills and technologies as well as high reliability.

What we do

We sells “Mino-yaki”, one of the most famous pottery and porcelain products in Japan, to Japanese and overseas customers. We offer high quality items produced with world-renowned excellent skills.

Sufficient production capacity

We have sufficient production capacity to meet orders from around the world.

A wide selection of items

More than 30,000 different varieties of tableware items can match any food menus.

Selection advice

If you are not sure about which tableware items to select, you can consult our adviser.